Paintwork, stains, clear coats, liquid metal applications

Wide range of applications and quality work

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Our industry-leading paintwork comes in high-quality finishes and colours to bring out any piece we’re working on. Have a chat with us today to see what we can do for your next project.

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Metalcote is a liquid metal application in a wide variety of finishes: aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, pewter, iron, stainless steel, nickel, pewter, graphite, and alloys of these metals.

An exquisite range colours and coatings

Creative, stunning, inspiring

Welcome to Colourdoor/MetalcoteWA. We provide industry-leading paintwork and liquid metal application to add a distinctive and innovative dimension to your projects. Specialising in metal finishes and colour finishes, we create some of the most stunning works for a range of clients from different backgrounds, all needing that special touch to complete their project.

Whether it’s an impressive splash to your front doors to cap off your gorgeous home or that glamorous shine to your latest art piece, we’re here to help create the magic.

Or perhaps it’s eye-catching refinished wooden beams to complement the interior of public spaces or a striking metal sign you need; our skills are as varied as our creative clientele.

Stains, clear coats and polishes

We provide all kinds of finishes for timber

Did you know we can also apply stains and polishes to any timber to help bring into existence that specific, unique look you’re after. Doors or desks, decorative pieces or public spaces. For places of business or in the privacy of your home, you name it; we can do it. Imagine the possibilities we can do for your next project.

Art installation after paint work

Colours and coatings for a diverse range of materials

Finishes limited only by the imagination

Every client has an innovative new approach to their needs. Show us your idea, and we’ll show you the possibilities; with a slew of colours and metal finishes, we can apply it in a variety of ways. You’re only limited by what your imagination can conjure. So have a chat with us about your idea; we can’t wait to hear what you have in mind.

metal coating
silver colour metal coating
painted door

Passion & Quality

Bringing you the best works

We’re passionate about the works we create, and we love seeing the incredible impact they have.

As industry experts in paintwork and liquid metal applications, we’re highly skilled and take meticulous care and attention to detail when working on client projects.

The result is nothing short of quality craftsmanship and care, bringing you a visually stunning piece no matter what we’re working on.

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Organisations whose projects we've been involved in

Lot Six Zero
Art Gallery of Western Australia