Quality colour and metal finishes

Our work speaks for itself

If you look at any of the works we’ve done for clients, you can see the quality and incredible look that comes from paintwork, stains, clear coats, polishes and liquid metal applications.

Our masterworks will create the visual impact you’re looking for, no matter the setting.


Attention to detail

Metalcote and colour finishes that are completed with care and prowess

We know our clients demand the very best as their projects are important to them, so we work hard to meet those quality standards. And you only need to see our past works to see that level of passion and care shines through every time.

We’ll work with you to find the right solution to suit your project, ensuring the paintwork or liquid metal finish (whichever it may be for your project) is completed to the same calibre as all the other notable works we’ve done.

Metalcoate bronze finish to bird statues 1

An exquisite range colours and coatings

Creative, stunning, inspiring

Looking for that unique look or finish? We have you covered. You’ll be pleased to know Metalcote is available in a wide range of metals, including aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, pewter, iron, nickel, and pewter, graphite, and alloys of these metals. We can also do any timber finish with any kind of stains, clear coats and polishes.